2008 vs 2014 

This is so cute I CRY

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veeoneeye looking very confused when his existence is questioned (x)

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unwritten rules of the phandom


  1. Do not  re-upload the valentines day video 
  2. Do not post Dan’s nude daily booth photos
  3. If there is an innocent looking fic with a title “The ___ fic” read with caution 
  4. You do not have to say “The Game” After every sentence
  5. DO NOT SEND PHIL HATE just because you like Dan and not him
  6. DO NOT SEND DAN HATE just because you like Phil and not him
  7. Do not talk about Dan’s brother, or other family members that he has kept of youtube
  8. Or just don’t be a creepy stalker

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man flu

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Paramore in snapchats (part 1).

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  • Interviewer: do you guys read fan fictions on tumblr
  • Taylor: yeah take my panties off and slide my butt cheeks